About Us

Founded in 2021 while Tawrin and Madison managed a dealership in Abbotsford, BC. Facing low inventory, due to a worldwide shortage of Vehicles. They brainstormed ways to fill their used car inventory and hired Shannyn to purchase Privately owned vehicles. Bringing the experience to the customer’s doorstep and diminishing the need to bring the vehicle to the dealership! This led to immediate success.

Approaching its third year, this dynamic venture, along with its dedicated team, has acquired well over 1,000 vehicles, streamlining the car-selling process.

They acknowledge the value of each unique vehicle and work diligently to obtain what people deserve. This process saves individuals valuable time throughout their journey, allowing them to get back to doing what they love!

Originating from the need to help people find new and innovative ways to sell their vehicles while assisting dealerships in restocking their inventory; Driven’s Mission is that each experience is marked by simplicity, fairness, and a touch of fun!


Satisfied Customers

“They came right to my door, checked out my car, and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse within hours. Their customer service was so personal, I felt all my concerns melt away."


Using Driven First will save you an average of 2-3 hours. Selling your car privately or to a dealership is time-intensive. Driven offers a more efficient option, ensuring a quicker and smoother process.


Driven on Average provides clients $1,000-$2,000 more than its competitors. An Extensive Post-Purchase Vehicle Servicing that builds the most value in your vehicle, securing you the highest offers from Dealerships from All over North America.

Wondering What Your Car Is Worth?